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Who can attend PALCON?
While PALCON is designed especially for all Nazarene clergy, non-clergy spouses are welcome as are individuals preparing for ministry or in the process of discerning a call to vocational ministry. Each conference is also open to clergy from other denominations in hopes that the conference will inspire and equip them.

How much is the per person cost to attend PALCON?
Full-conference registration is $199 per person if purchased before the “early bird” option expires. This price includes access to all plenary sessions, workshops, and 7 meals beginning with the evening meal on an opening day. On-campus housing for three nights is available to all full-conference registrants for no additional cost.

Is there a discounted rate for spouses?
The rate for a spouse of a full-conference registrant is $179 during the early bird period, $199 thereafter. However, we strongly encourage early registration since housing for married couples is limited at some venues.

When does the $199 early-bird rate expire?
Rates increase to $219 (Spouse, $199) after June 1 at Trevecca and after June 10 at NNU.

Is there a single-day rate?
Yes. The single-day rate is $109 and, with the exception of the opening day of the conference, includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for that calendar day. On-campus housing may be available to single-day registrants at some venues for an additional fee if requested in advance of the conference. To explore this possibility, contact us

When is the registration deadline?
The full-conference registration option remains open until the first day of the event. However, the availability of on-campus housing is assured only for registrations made more than 10 days prior to the first day of the event.

Will I receive a refund of my paid registration if I find I cannot attend PALCON?
We can provide a full refund if you cancel 10 or more days in advance of the opening day of the PALCON for which you registered. After that, the refund is limited to 50% of the amount you paid after any applicable discounts. We encourage you to offer your registration to someone else if you find you are unable to return. Registrations are transferrable!

COVID-19 EXCEPTION: If you test positive for COVID-19 within the 10 days prior to the opening of the conference, we will provide a full refund to you (and, if applicable, to your spouse). 

OTHER EXCEPTIONS: If you have a genuine emergency develop within the 10-day window, we will be able to refund all but $50 of the total registrations paid by you and, if applicable, your spouse combined. Email us at to request a refund or if you have any question about how the refund policy applies to the particulars of your case. 

NOTE TO NNU PARTICIPANTS: If you have registered your children for the family options at NNU, refund of their registration(s) is subject to the NNU refund policy. Contact Michele at with any questions




What are the options for overnight lodging?
On-campus housing is available at no extra charge to those who purchase a full-conference registration. Rooms are double-occupancy. In some settings, rooms are single occupancy with a shared common space and shared showers/restrooms. Participants wishing to stay off-campus are responsible for making their own arrangements. You will have the opportunity to select or decline on-campus housing during the online registration process.

If I take advantage of the option to stay on-campus, do I need to bring linens (bedding and towels)?
No. Bedding and towels are provided!

Is there some adjustment to the registration rate if I choose to not stay on campus?
There is no adjustment to the cost of registration for those deciding to stay off-campus. Any participant wishing to stay off-campus need only indicate this preference during the registration process.

May I specify the person I would like to room with?
Yes, by all means! During the online registration process, you will have an opportunity to enter the name of the person you wish to be your roommate. You can also indicate you would like to be assigned a roommate.

What if I wish to stay on campus but need an accessible room or a single room?
You will have the opportunity during the registration process to make special requests concerning on-campus housing. We realize there are some instances when single occupancy may be necessary. You may indicate this request on your registration. Be fully assured we will make every effort to accommodate your request. If you make such a request, you will receive a separate communication from us on this matter.

My spouse is coming with me. Are there housing options available for married couples?
The amount of on-campus housing for married couples varies from venue to venue. Early registration is strongly encouraged if you wish to take advantage of the on-campus housing available to full-conference registrants.

What are the housing arrangements for my family?
At PALCONs offering programming for families, on-campus housing for families will be available provided registration is completed at least 10 days in advance of the start of the PALCON attended.

A NOTE ABOUT INFANTS: If you are bringing your infant son or daughter, please indicate this in the Special Needs section when completing the online registration. Every effort will be made to provide an appropriate on-campus housing option. For more information, see “Do I need to register my infant son or daughter?” under the FAQ Registration tab.

Is it possible to stay overnight on campus if I wish to arrive a day early or remain an extra day?
Extended stay arrangements, if available, must be made directly with the host venue. Priority is given to those whose situations truly necessitate any extension. Contact the PALCON office ( to find out the options and pricing at your selected PALCON venue.


PALCON App | Childcare | Language Interpretation | Counseling | Exhibits | Lifelong Learning



A conference app will be released the latter part of April. The app will be available free of charge and will provide every detail for each venue at your fingertips, including any updates during the event.



Every PALCON is committed to caring for clergy who may need to bring infant children with them. The various venue childcare options appear at the bottom of the event schedule. Select your venue to view the schedule.

For specific information regarding the registration of infants and other information regarding the care of your infant, see the applicable section of the Registration tab on this FAQ website.



We anticipate simultaneous interpretation (English to Spanish) of all plenary sessions at each venue.In some venues,select workshops may be interpreted. In addition, some workshop options at some venues will be available in Spanish (however, interpretation from Spanish to English will not be available for these sessions).



Professional and confidential counseling are available at no charge to all PALCON registrants during the event. You may make advance arrangements to meet with a counselor or set up a time once you have arrived at the venue. Details will be posted as soon as available. This information will also be printed in the conference program and announced during plenary sessions.



Each PALCON venue will be served by exhibitors whose mission is to resource clergy, local churches, and other ministries. Opportunities will be given each day for conference participants to browse the exhibits and to engage in conversation about the resources and opportunities available.



Every PALCON is a qualified lifelong learning event for Nazarene clergy. A Lifelong Learning Event Code will be printed in the conference program along with all the information you need to report your participation in this learning event. Nazarene clergy should report their participation in this and other lifelong learning events on the global Nazarene Lifelong Learning Registry. The Registry is available in several languages and is a very user-friendly tool.




If you don't see an answer to your question or need further assistance, contact the PALCON office (, 800-306-7651)

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